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Many people from the Redlands community contribute their time and talent—and plain hard work! The programs at the Burrage Mansion would not be possible without them.

Renowned historian of Redlands, retired high-school civics and history teacher. Tom is past president and an active member of the Redlands Area Historical Society. He generously volunteers his expertise and resources to the Rochford Foundation.

Larry Burgess

Director Emeritus of A.K. Smiley Public Library, historian. Larry specializes in history of California, the West, Lincoln and the Civil War. He is an entertaining and frequently requested speaker on Burrage Mansion history and lore.

Kurt Burmeister

General Manager at Redlands Country Club. Kurt learned to love golf as a child—at the same course where he is now general manager. He teaches the Burrage Buddies golf workshops.

Lee Burton

Chef and culinary educator for Perris Elementary School District, the City of Redlands senior programs and Redlands Unified School District’s Think Together after-school programs. Chef Lee is a farm-to-table advocate who volunteers at fundraisers for several local nonprofits and teaches Burrage Buddies cooking workshops.

Jeff & Julie Dill

Realtor & special education teacher. Jeff and Julie are long-time friends of the Rochford Foundation, contributing behind-the-scenes help in a myriad of ways.

Matt Escobar

Middle-school student and active Boy Scout since 1st grade. Matt is a Burrage Buddies graduate of many chess and orienteering workshops. He created the idea of “Be a Good Sport” workshop, which he now co-teaches with his grandfather.

Redlands photographer and illustrator. Bruce publishes beautiful calendars with his photographs of Redlands landmarks and fancifull children’s coloring books. Several of his photos are included on this Website.

Mick and Sandi Gallagher

Proprietors of Gallagher’s Finishing Touch Engraving. Mick and Sandi are long-time friends and supporters of the Rochford Foundation. They contribute in countless ways—including providing Burrage Buddies award pins for every one of the thousands of children who completes a Burrage Buddies workshop series.

Teacher at Orangewood Continuation High School, proprietor of Tom Herron Photography. Tom teaches photography workshops for the Burrage Buddies enrichment program.

Annamae Holzhauser

Culinary enthusiast and photographer. Annamae teaches cooking workshops for the Burrage Buddies program and takes photos for the Redlands Nature Conservancy. She contributed several photos to the Rochford Foundation-Burrage Mansion website.

Proprietor of Daisy’s Corner, a crafts and seasonal home décor business. Daisy helped construct the portable puppet stage with working curtains that really go up and down.

Maggie Kumler

Sacred Heart Academy student. Maggie excels in soccer, basketball, softball and academics. She has been playing chess since she was 8 years old. Together with her father, she teaches the Burrage Buddies chess workshops.

Mark Kumler

Professor of Geographic Information Sciences at the University of Redlands. Mark teaches map projections, coordinate systems, and poster design to master’s students in the U of R GIS program. Along with his daughter Maggie, he teaches chess workshops for the Burrage Buddies.

Mike Morse

Construction contractor. Mike is a long-time Micah House volunteer; he teaches guitar and off-road bicycling for the Burrage Buddies workshops.

Chef, proprietor of Soup Thyme, where she collaborates with local farmers to offer fresh, delicious soups (“art in a bowl”) at the Palm Springs farmers market. Tammy holds a culinary arts degree from the Art Institute in San Bernardino and teaches cooking workshops for the Burrage Buddies enrichment program. She is the daughter of Tim and Carol Rochford.

National Charity League

Community service volunteers. NCL mothers and daughters can be called upon when needed: they make SnoCones and cut up fresh oranges for Burrage Buddies snacks, clean the kitchens, tie ribbons and bows on hundreds of books for the Foundation’s annual holiday giveaway.

Georgia Pallas

Language programs coordinator at Cal State San Bernardino, certified trainer for Fight Like a Girl. Georgia teaches self-defense matrial arts workshops for women’s groups, Girl Scout troops, public schools and the Burrage Buddies workshops.

Jim Rich

Cub Scout leader and retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant. Jim teaches orienteering and “Be a Good Sport” workshops for the Burrage Buddies program.

Kristin Rochford-Acajabon
& Tasha Manning

Granddaughters of Tim and Carol Rochford. The sisters have volunteered countless hours to the Rochford Foundation. Kristin lives in Redlands with her husband and young son; Natasha completed a summer internship at the Burrage Mansion and is pursuing a career in early childhood education. She lives in Redlands with her husband.

David Sanchez

Owner of Redlands Training Center, mixed martial arts teacher at CSU San Bernardino. Dave holds 3rd degree black belts in Judo and Jujitsu, as well as B.A. degrees in psychology and philosophy, an M.S. degree in criminal justice and a doctorate in law. He volunteers for the Burrage Buddies program.

Darrell Stephenson

Proprietor of BlueZone, a personal chef business. Darrell is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, California School of Culinary Arts. He teaches Burrage Buddies cooking workshops.

Rick Strobauch

Semi-retired Redlands Police Department crime-scene photographer. Rick now focuses on landscape and wildlife photography. He is a long-time active member of the Redlands Camera Club. He teaches Burrage Buddies photography workshops (when he’s not out of town running marathons).