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The Redlands mansion, known as Monte Vista, was designed by architect Charles Brigham, who also designed the Burrage residence in Boston and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Built on 20 acres at a construction cost of $100,000, it was the most expensive Redlands residence at that time. The 16,000 square-foot main residence, the carriage house and caretaker cottage were built in an amazing four and one-half months by as many as 127 workers at one time.

The mansion is frequently featured in modern architectural textbooks as an exemplar of Mission Revival style, with its “H”-shaped footprint, stucco exterior, red tile roof, arched doorways, bell towers.

The structure is entirely brick covered with concrete and is surrounded by a veranda on three sides. The Pompeian-style reception room features a marble fountain, terrazzo floor, ten white Italian marble pillars supporting the balcony, and a ceiling of Tiffany glass. The circular dining room is finished in Mexican mahogany, with a trademark Burrage idiosyncrasy: gargoyles, cherubs and human faces carved into the trim.